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Sure-Grip Side-by-side Tool

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Happy to have this with me when I out and about. Works well
Jodie Reddy (King's Lynn)
Hinnang: 4 5-st!
Wish the wrench part could fit the SureGrip adjustable toe stop nut on SureGrip quad skates. The nut is too large for this tool, but like the "L. Kleinbussink" reviewer said, I got this tool primarily to change out tool stops since I can already change the wheels with a regular skate tool. SureGrip product designers, we need toe stop tools!
Vicky G. (Seattle)
Hinnang: 2 5-st!
I’m glad I got this. It’s helpful and small so I can have it with me when I skate in case something is ever loose. Love it.
Katherine O. (Coppell)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Elizabeth glitz (Philadelphia)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
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