Pipe Snowboard Bag

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Pipe'i lumelauakott on praktiline kandevahend sinu laua jaoks. Lihtsaks juurdepääsuks on sellel täispikkuses tõmblukk ning sellel on käepide ja eemaldatav õlarihm.


  • 148cm - 12" x 5" x 58"
  • 157cm - 12" x 7" x 62"
  • 165cm - 12" x 7" x 65"
  • Kaal: 0,8kg (1,8lbs)

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This bag is really cute but the material is super thin and flimsy. It won't offer much protection for your board. Also, while I have a child's board (I am a petite adult), I was unable to fit my helmet, goggles, snowclothes AND boots. Everything but the boots fit. I'll likely return and look for a sturdier bag that can offer up more protection, especially when being thrown in cargo.
Josephine Tseng (Moraga)
Hinnang: 2 5-st!
Vastus alates SkatePro:  Thank you so much for your effort in writing this review. I'm sorry to hear that the product is not as you wished it was. Please let us know if we can help you with the return process and with finding you a suitable bag! // Doreen
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