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Karma Roller Skates

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Ole valmis rulluisuparki Chaya Karma rulluisuga. Pakutakse siin koos kindla soovitusega, et koos uiskudega saaksite kaasa ka paar Grind Blocks'i. Grind Block on asümmeetriline, mis on esmakordne. See avab skatepargis täiesti uusi trikke. Seda täiendab veelgi asjaolu, et saate valida, kas vahetada külge, et lisada trikke ja lõbu.

Old School on New School, üha rohkem Derby pro'sid jõuavad tagasi vabaaja lõbususe juurde massiliselt bowli- ja pargirulluisutamisega.

Saapad on valmistatud tossu stiilis tugevdatud kannaga. Reguleeritav Cherry Toe stop annab sulle lisakontrolli ja võimaldab seda aktiivselt kasutada nii alustamiseks kui ka murdmiseks. Wicked ABEC7 laagrid tagavad vaevata veeremiskiiruse. Plaadid on Chayas Shari plaadid, mis on valmistatud nailoni ja klaaskiu segust tugeva kerge plaadi jaoks. Koos 20° alumiiniumist valatud veoautode ja Jelly Interlocki padjadega saad väga manööverdamisvõimelise neljarulluisu, mida on lõbus uisutada ja lihtne juhtida.

Compatible parts

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Compatible parts


Ratta läbimõõt:
Plaadi materjal:
Fiber glass, Plastic
Saapa tüüp:
Oskuste tase:
Liner omadused:
Laagri täpsus:
Ratta laius:
Ratta materjal:
PU injected
Ratta kõvadus:
Saapa materjal:
Plastic, Fiberglass
Voodri materjal:
Leather, Microfiber
Indoor skating, Outdoor skating

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arvustused   (23)

These are my first park specific skates and they are awesome!! It took a little while to get used to not having a raised heel (my previous skates were moxi Beach bunnies), but once I got used to it, my ability in the park grew exponentially!
Katherine A. (Wheeling)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
I really wanted to love these skates, but the sizing issue is pretty whack. I wear a women’s 10, men’s 9, all day long. Everything said go up a size, so I did, expecting the men’s 10 to fit like a 9. So I was pretty surprised when I put it on and it felt like a women’s 9.5. Rather than deal with a return, I figured they would break in a bit... and they have. But I can’t wear with anything but a thin sock. The other part of the sizing issue is the wheel stance. Every other men’s 9 skates I have are about a 1/2” longer front to back, which does make quite a difference in balance, stride, etc that I’ll have to get used to ☹️ Otherwise, they are quite cute, and are way more supportive than I expected, which is good They are a comfy boot, plate is solid, and once I loosened all the trucks 1/2 turn, they are maneuverable and agile. I’m a street skater mostly, so I replaced. wheels with some 78a 65mm wheels, and rough roads are easier to tame.
Charlie Zxi (Alviso )
Hinnang: 4 5-st!
Now that I have the correct size they’re perfect!! SkatePro’s customer service was awesome with working through the exchange process.
Jamie Moore (York )
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Incredibly fast service, excellent communication. The Chaya Karma skates i ordered are amazing as expected, super high quality and glide around the skatepark superbly. Definitely fit small so order a size up from your normal shoe size. So so comfy, highly supportive & look pretty cool too 😊😊
victoria gandy (Helston)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Love these. Only flaw is my right boot came with dent on the side of my big toe so it hurts to skate. But by the I time noticed... I was outside skating out of excitement. Other than that love these. So please inspect before you use haha. Because it has so much protection for your toes it's hard to push out. Literally best skates I have owned. I used the last review about Moxis to size. They were 100% right. I wear a 4 in Moxi so I bought a 5 and they fit lovely. 10/10 would recommend.
Justine Ramirez (San Bernardino)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Some of the best Roller Skates I have ever owned. Whether you park skate, recreational skate, disco skate or outdoor skate. The Chaya Karma's are simply amazing. So comfy and yet really supportive where you need it. Plus you can heat mould these in the oven too for extra custom fit. I am measured a standard UK size 8 but these fit me best in the UK size 9 equivalent. Anyone ordering should think about taking 1 size larger then your measured feet. Great service from Skate Pro, super fast shipping and they were the only shop to have these in stock in my size too.
Westley D. (Ellon)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
LOVE these skates. Very comfortable and zero break-in time needed. The toebox is wide enough to fit my feet comfortably without feeling too loose in the heel. Currently my favorite skate to take to the park.
Tessa M. (Saint Louis)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
I love these skates. They are everything I could have hoped for. I normally wear a size 5 in riedell but they were just a hair too small. I went with the 6 in the Chaya Karmas and they are just right. I would suggest sizing up in your boots. Also if you are looking for a boot with more width this boot will do the job. I have tired on Moxis but they were far too narrow. The grind plates were a little interesting getting it lined up just right. I can't wait to start sheding up the park.
Julia C. (Manchester)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
The size I bought was a little small for me, and that made it a bit hard to get used to, but generally it is a nice skate. It's really light and easy to jump with, but the wheels it comes with are not suitable for anything but indoor skating, so beware when you buy it for that. The ankle part blisters easily so wear think socks.
S. Wu (Villa Park)
Hinnang: 4 5-st!
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