/ Rossignol Turnamic IFP Mountingplate

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MÄRKUS: Ei saa paigaldada eelpaigaldatud NIS-plaatidega suuskadele.

See on IFP-set (Integrated Fixation Plate) - See plaat on mõeldud Turnamic krossisõlmedele (Fischerilt ja Rossignolt), et sidemeid saaks suuskadele klõpsata.

IFP-set on ühendus suuskade ja sidemete vahel ning võimaldab teil lihtsalt sidet veidi ettepoole ja veidi taha reguleerida.

Ettepoole asend annab rohkem haardumist ja tahapoole asend rohkem libisemist.

Need Fischer maastikusuusatamise kinnitusplaadid on varustatud kõigega, mis on vajalik suusatamiseks.

IFP-plaatide paigaldamise kohta teatab Fischer, et puurimismustriks on "Screw mount plate SNS pattern." See tähendab, et saate kasutada Salomoni SNS paigaldusjigiga IFP-kruvide jaoks mõeldud aukude mustreid murdmaasuusatesse. Palun olge alati ettevaatlik ja kontrollige, kas augud plaatidel ja žigil sobivad korralikult.

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IFP Turnamic

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arvustused   (73)

Really easy fit.
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Easy to install and fit our needs perfectly.
Katherine Campbell (Gimli)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
It fits, it's functional. Great Value.
Dan Samson (East Wenatchee)
Hinnang: 4 5-st!
As described, great product, very competitive price. Not a free shipping as the price is cheap but arrived to Canada very fast and without a tax or duties.
Dmitri Denejkine (Verdun)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
This was a godsend. I had 2 pairs of very old skis that I wanted to salvage and use with my newer boots. This plate allowed me to easily install new IFP bindings on these skis and give them a new lease of life. The price was great and the build quality is excellent. The only thing missing was instructions which I had to piece together from online searches.
Sumit Sen (Sunnyvale)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Bindings fit and function perfectly and delivery was fast with no delays.
Barry Kesselman (Medford)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Awesome. Worked perfect.
Joseph Flanders (Cannon Falls)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Excellent and prompt service with good prices.
John Johnson (Prestwick, Scotland, UK)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Quick shipping to U.S. It is hard to find these at online recreational stores at this price in the U.S. I tried a search engine online with the term "turnamic mounting plate" and could not find much so in the U.S. with the shipping costs, oddly, will make them more expensive than ordering from Denmark so I ordered them from SKATEPRO. A review about the product: I tried the Turnamic bindings with the Fischer mounting plates on Rossignol BC 65 skis last month and the system worked great. No mounting instructions to be found with the product that had actual words, with chronological steps, but only showing the size of the screws and installation location in a drawing. Rossignol does not seem to want to help customer/owner/installer types Get a good feel for the best position of the heel assemblies before you drill any holes for the rear. A skier could have multiple ski sets with Turnamic mounting plates only, then you don't have to buy bindings for each set of skis. Good idea?
D. Smits (Denver)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Perfect transaction. Quick and according to the description
Arnaud de Chelle (Roquefort-les-Pins)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
The only thing wrong with the product is that no mounting instructions were included. Unfotunately after emailing Skatepro and requesting instructions there was nothing they could do. I have worked out where the combined balance point is and installed the IFP plate and bindings, however, it is a bit surprising that no information was provided.
Richard Sowden (Forres)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Uses the same hole pattern as my Salomon bindings except for one hole on the back plate, which is easy to drill. Slightly heavier, but adjustability and being able to use the same binding on multiple skis is worth it for me. Thanks for the fair price too!
Steve G. (Bozeman)
Hinnang: 5 5-st!
Kuva kõik 73 arvustused